Horniman Museum and Gardens presents Bright and Early: Permian Monsters (Relaxed Opening), London


Price: Free


An animatronic of a Titanophoneus, a dinosaur with long sharp teeth.

A relaxed, accessible opening of the Permian Monsters exhibition for families who are unable to visit when the Horniman is busy, including children with autism spectrum conditions and neurodiverse families.

252m years ago, in a period called the Permian, life on Earth was dominated by extraordinary creatures.

It was a time of fearsome sabre-toothed predators, giant insects and bizarre-looking sharks.

The Permian ended with a mass extinction that destroyed 90% of all life, paving the way for Earth’s next great rulers… the dinosaurs.

In this fascinating, family-friendly exhibition, which is travelling to the UK for the first time, you can discover more about this mysterious time period.

On display will be fossil skeletons as well as full-size models and animatronics that bring the Permian back to life. You can also sift through interactive dig pits and get creative in an art area.

A breakout space will be available until 10.30am.

Wheelchair access, breakout space available until 10:30 am, baby changing facilities


Horniman Museum and Gardens, 100 London Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 3PQ

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