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Image of a Zoom conversation with four people in it. All are smiling. Top left is Vici Wreford-Sinnott. She has short spiky teal hair and is sitting in front of a shelving unit full of books and keepsakes. Top right is Jonny Rothwell wearing a black cap and has a couple of guitars in the background. Bottom left is Louie Ingham with long dark hair and a checked shirt and a green plant in the background. Bottom right is Mark Calvert, Associate Director Northern Stage, wearing a white t-shirt with a sofa and artwork in the back ground.

Northern Stage have a new podcast – each week we interview theatre makers, companies and artists with conversations about the northeast theatre sector and beyond. Enjoy a new episode every Friday available on iTunes, Anchor & Spotify.

EP.10 – A boss night out with Vici Wreford-Sinnott

This week, Mark and Louie had an extraordinary, funny and life-affirming conversation with director, writer, teacher, activist and rebel punk rocker Vici Wreford Sinnott. Vici is the Artistic Director of Little Cog, an exciting arts organisation specialising in Disability Art, theatre, and training and in this episode we discover more about the being on the edges of the status quo, trying to bring about change with engaging and exciting work, and having a boss night out.
Warning: this episode may make you cry (in a good way).

This and other episodes are available to listen to on the Northern Stage website.

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