Lockdown Music Festival presents Episode 2, Online


Price: Free


A black padlock and chain on a purple background. On the padlock Lockdown Music Festival is written in white.

The perfect music festival for those of you who can’t leave the house with short sets from some great musicians.

Featuring, in order of appearance..

King Size Slim,

Jamie Mallender,
Tom Attah,

Terri Shaltiel,

Dom Martin,
James Oliver,

John Verity,

Paul Jobson,
Nat Martin,

Jack J Hutchinson,

Martin Harley,
Demi Marriner,

Peter Donegan,
Wille & The Bandits,

Laurence Jones,
Ash Wilson,

TJ & The Suitcase,
Joel Fisk,

Jon Amor,

Jade Like The Stone,
Emma Jonson,

Will Wilde,

Gwyn Ashton,
Calum Ingram,

Clay Shelburn,
Buddy Whittington


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