Lucy Hayward’s On the Tracks R&D sharing, Birmingham




Research and Development performance of On the Tracks by Lucy Hayward at the Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham on Saturday 23rd Sept 2017.

On the Tracks was developed at the National Theatre and DaDaFest have provided funding to support this performance and gain feedback so that a full length performance of On the Tracks can be featured in DaDaFest 2018 after which I intend to take it on tour.

On the Tracks is a thrity minute stage play that uncovers the lives of two men who work in a country railway station at night.

‘Robert and Ted are shunters. They work together on a small country railway station at night.

It can be a lonely existence working nights but these two are used to the routine and experienced with sorting out any late night trouble on the tracks.

There seems to be nothing unusual about this evening but a lot has happened over the last few years and tonight something has changed.

Robert is ready to get on with his work, Ted seems to be more distant than usual. It is only when conversation turns to the darker side that it becomes clear how little they know about each other and can start uncovering the unsavoury truths.

My work is focused on looking into the stories of people who fade into the background on a day to day basis. The struggles faced by ordinary people and how their lives may seem mundane, but are nevertheless important to them. I use conflict and comedy to elevate their lives and instil dramatic action to hold the attention of the audience.

I am a visually impaired playwright who is creating a piece of work looking at how people live in country towns. I find attending the theatre can be an interesting experience, audio description can be useful but does not always allow me to interact with the play.

Through my work with Extant, Graeae and as Creative Assistant for Ramps on the Moon I am now using access in different ways. This is beneficial for artists and audience members who rely on access and can be used to heighten the experience of mainstream audiences.
Thank you for taking the time to read through my invitation, I look forward to hearing your response.

Contact the details below to confirm your attendance:

Audio programs will be sent out before the performance, there is a touch tour starting at 7pm and the venue is wheelchair accessible.


Blue Orange theatre 18 Great Hampton St, Birmingham B18 6AD