LVL/UP presents Fit-for-purpose professional arts training, without the usual price-tag, Online


Price: £149-£249


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‘Great art is powered by great Producers and great Managers doing great work, together.’

Intensive upskilling for creative professionals.

We are on a mission to level up professional arts training by making it relevant, affordable and accessible to all. LVL/UP provides online intensive training in Producing and Managing, without the usual price-tag.

Over four weeks, each course combines online group learning with real-world inter-session tasks, downloadable templates and access to a community peer network. The intensives offer up-to-date insights and immediately-applicable practical tools and will be led by Francesca Moody (Francesca Moody Productions) and Aysha Powell (Punchdrunk) respectively.

Courses start from £149 and you can find out more information at our website.

Please get in touch for access needs.



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