Nasty Puppets workshop for all inquisitive theatre practitioners, Edinburgh


Price: £120


An image of a slumped puppet with a deformed face in a rehearsal room with a drum in the background

Actors, dancers, puppeteers, physical theatre practitioners, filmmakers and directors – all who want to discover the darker side of puppetry’s  are welcome on this workshop for all inquisitive theatre practitioners.

As part of Puppet Animation Scotlands annual celebration of visual theatre, puppetry and animated film festival, MANIPULATE #13.

MON 3 – WED 5 FEB / Summerhall, Edinburgh

This three-day workshop with leading puppeteer Gavin Glover is for all inquisitive theatre practitioners – actors, dancers, puppeteers, physical theatre practitioners, film makers and directors – who want to discover the darker side of contemporary puppetry performance.

In this physically intense but fun workshop we will explore the role of the performer and the puppet together, observe their relationship through some slightly disturbing scenarios and look at the emotions and the empathy that audiences can feel for a puppet.

We will experiment with different approaches to using puppets, find the moment when they become a metaphor of ourselves, and then subject them to the many emotions we wish we could impose on those around us. But the puppets will stand up for themselves, they will answer, and they will fight back!

On the last day of this event the participants will information share the explorations and discoveries they have made during the workshop. This is a free but ticketed event.

Gavin Glover is used to working within the darker side of puppetry and is now developing ways to share and enhance this knowledge in a series of experimental workshops. Founder member of the now-defunct Faulty Optic which toured it’s surreal puppet productions around the globe and freelance now for 10 years, he works with performers and directors coaching contemporary puppetry and exploring live micro cinema theatre techniques. Relevant menacing productions include A Christmas Carol and Tin Forest – NTS; Ulysses – Abbey Theatre, Dublin; Feverdream – Citz Theatre; Lost in Music – Magnetic North.

For further information, please contact You can visit our website by clicking this link.

If you have access to a BSL interpreter, or would like us to provide one in order to participate in the workshop, please send us a request by Monday 9 December by email.


Summerhall Techcube 1, 1 Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

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