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Image shows the word Neuk handwritten in capitals, nestled inside a green abstract shape that appears to be enveloping and surrounding it. Logo design by Max Alexander with Robyn Benson.

We are Neuk Collective, a new collective of neurodivergent artists.

We are researching and writing a manifesto for neurodiversity in the arts, addressing the challenges neurodivergent artists face, and outlining practical steps that could improve our working conditions. Our mission statement explains in more depth the origins and approach of the project and some of the issues that we have already identified. But six artists cannot encompass all of neurodivergent experience, so we are reaching out to the wider community to ask what your needs and priorities are.

This is the first of two online discussion events.

We would like to hear from:
– neurodivergent artists
– over the age of 18
– who are living and working in Scotland

about the challenges you face when working in the arts, and how you feel neurodivergent artists could be better supported. The discussions will inform the collective’s manifesto for neurodiversity in the arts, which aims to improve conditions for neurodivergent artists in Scotland.

Places are limited to 8 people per session, so please book in advance. Once booked, you will be sent a Zoom invitation via email.

We welcome input from the whole neurodivergent community, but particularly invite members of marginalised or underrepresented groups to get involved.

​If you would like to contribute to the manifesto but prefer written communication, we also have an online survey which we invite you to complete. 

​Neuk Collective and the Neurodivergent Artists Network project are supported by a grant from Creative Scotland’s Create:Inclusion fund.

There will be live transcription of the discussions.



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