New Perspectives presents The Spirit, London


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A man from shoulders up. He covers his mouth with a wooden board with a hole at the top through which a rope is hanging.

Through physical theatre, visual art and live improvised music, one of Europe’s most distinctive live artists, Thibault Delférière, takes on the great philosophical ideas of the human spirit. Born with cerebral palsy, the Belgian artist has fashioned a radical style of painting and performance that is unique, powerful and unsettling. The Spirit will comprise of three new performances, that will evolve out of each other to reflect the development of the human spirit from servitude to freedom. The ambitious trilogy marks the Belgian artist’s second collaboration with New Perspectives’ Artistic Director Jack McNamara following their 2017 BE Festival show Sisyphus, which won the Mess Award and has been invited to perform at the Sarajevo International Festival this year.
Each part of The Spirit, performed over three consecutive weeks, will feature a different musician: for Part One, Sicilian composer Guiseppe Lomeo will play prepared guitar, Part Two will feature world renowned drummer Steve Noble, and Part Three will be performed with Sharon Gal, esteemed electronic vocal artist and co-founder of Resonance FM. The three parts can be viewed as a rich trilogy or as standalone pieces of theatre.

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Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, London SW11 5TN

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