Casson and Friends & Stopgap present Night at the Theatre, Hampshire and Farnham




Photograph of three dancers in theatre stalls, one is upside down in his seat, another a wheelchair userAnything could happen. Anything is possible.

Sssh! Sit quietly in your seats, wait for the curtain to rise and… dance in the aisles!

When three characters become trapped in a theatre, little do they know that they will soon become the stars of their own show.

Combining a mixture of dance theatre, audio-description and imaginative storytelling with Casson & Friends’ trademark interactivity; Night at the Theatre will spark the imagination of children and their grown ups.

Discover the amazing things that can happen at the theatre, the many different things that dance can be, and even make your own performance!

Night at the Theatre is a fun, family adventure that celebrates the creativity in all of us. It’s accessible theatre for everyone, so come along, join in and let’s make a dance!

The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre, Bordon, Hampshire, 16 July 2:00pm

The Maltings, Farnham, 23 July 2:30pm