Northern Ballet presents Have Your Cake & What Used To, No Longer Is (Audio Described), Online


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A dancer stares down the lens of the camera with her arm outstretched, her pointer finger pointing at the camera. Her face and hair are powdered white and her hair is slicked back. In the background are abstract lime green, yellow and black shapes, as well as a shadowy figure.

Tune in to Northern Ballet’s new dance films, audio described by VocalEyes.

Kenneth Tindall’s Have Your Cake is a light-hearted, tongue -in-cheek short film exploring the playfulness of a group of friends making the best of it. Olivier Award-winning Ballet Black artist Mthuthuzeli November’s What Used To, No Longer Is explores the evolution of life, the passing of time and the human response to the beauty of an ever-growing life, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Both films are free to enjoy on Northern Ballet’s website.

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