Open Clasp presents A Film Collection for 16 Days of Activism to Eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls, Online


Price: Pay what you can


Poster showing four separate photographs from the four short films. The first shows a mother and daughter of duel heritage (black Caribbean and white) women hugging. The second is an image of a young white woman in prison clothes. The third image is of a white woman clapping her hands with chalk. The fourth image is of a young black woman standing in a cream parka coat. Towards the bottom of the poster is a hashtag in white text that reads '#16daysofactivism' and beneath this is white text that reads ''.

Open Clasp are continuing their commitment to making their work accessible during the UN #16 Days of Action. Created to highlight injustice and advocate for an end to violence against women and girls, their catalogue of digital theatre is available on their website now.

A new film of “don’t forget the birds” performed by real-life mother and daughter will launch alongside Key Change, Rattle Snake and Sugar.

All four plays hold the voices of survivors of domestic abuse, social injustice and violence against women and girls and are used globally to make cultural, social, and political change. “don’t forget the birds”, Rattle Snake and Sugar all have British Sign Language interpretation available, Key Change has captions.

Watch at home on your TV, on your phone, with your community group or at work with colleagues. By watching, talking, tweeting and sharing Open Clasp’s work, you are part of the movement to advocate for change. All tickets are Pay What You Can, from £1 to Pay It Forward tickets which will support the work to reach local communities and make change a reality.

Please visit our website to book your tickets.

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