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Photograph showing a front view of a half boarded up shop with the shutter half open and a fastion poster of a woman dressed in pink peeping out from under the shutter

to 3 July 2020

Two medical workers stand wearing full Isolation clothing - Full gowns, gloves, face masks and face shields.

to 30 June 2020

A man wearing a blue jacket, light shirt, blue neck tie and red waistcoat. He has dark hair and a beard. His hands are raised to his head, his fingers folded whilst his thumb and little finger are outstretched - BSL for Cow.

to 30 June 2020

Shut Down But Scratching logo in blue against a pink textured background

to 1 September 2020

Lawrence Batley in white capitals, above Theatre in larger blue capitals, above Huddersfield in blue capitals. All on a dark blue background.

to 31 May 2020
Time: Varies

Dance East in black bold capitals. Below reads Move | Be Moved in smaller black capitals.

to 30 May 2020
Time: Varies