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On a screen with play, stop and skip controls, two brightly clothed characters sit. Legs crossed, they each raise an open hand as they chat. Below the screen large painted letters read “Who wants to be happy?”

to 4 December 2021
Time: 11am-1pm

An image which reads Let Me Be, apply by 12 Sept. Logos for Graeae, 1623 and Arts Council England are shown.

to 7 December 2021
Time: 11am - 1pm

Text saying "The Hug Puppet Show" above an illustration of a hedgehog and a tortoise going to hug each other.

to 30 December 2021
Time: 11am & 2pm

A pantomime dame stands next to a young black girl wearing a denim dress and red hoodie. To the left gold capital text reads: Red Riding Hood.

to 31 December 2021
Time: Various

A poster for an art show with a design featuring swirly lines and biscuits with white text overlaid with details of the exhibition from the listing.

to 31 December 2021

Jack and the Beanstalk in red and gold text on a blue background. There is a green beanstalk on the right and a black on white cow on the left.

to 8 January 2022

A solo dancer in pink leggings and red top is confined in a metal box-shaped frame about a metre high. The box is tilted back at 45 degrees, resting on one corner. The dancer’s arms extend behind her, towards the floor, and she gazes calmly upwards as one leg kicks upwards, out of the frame. In the background, there are life-sized photographs of houses.

to 25 January 2022
Time: 7.30pm