Pet Shop Grrls present UNSEEN LABOUR, London


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A pair of blue plastic gloves used for cleaning and other rough jobs, sits on a window cill. The details of the art show are below.

An intergenerational and diverse group of women artists explore the themes of UNSEEN Labour, whether in the tea plantations of Asia, in the streets, homes, factories and workplaces of London and elsewhere.
Gilli Salvat’s paintings focus on the unseen labour whose exploitation in factories, agriculture and domestic labour is the product of colonialism and racism. The unseen labour of women is also the subject matter of Titus Davies’ photographs which penetrate the brick walls that form their content, to interrogate the domestic reality within.
Julia Maddison’s film investigates the labour of not only the dying, but their carers and their company, while with her 3D work she investigates how the pinafore conceals both it’s wearer and their labour.
Anne O’Driscoll takes the subject/object as evidence of energy spent, half held in the material, residing and residual, the unseen labour containing all the intersections, crises, encounters, direction , rejections, digestion, whim and fancy – she pares it away, keeps it light, so we can watch what remains.
Sabrina Fuller’s sound pieces and video engage others in unseen acts of creative resistance – in the unseen work of experiment, risk and discovery that is collaborative and collective working – a labour sometimes sweet, sometimes not, but always transformational.
Caroline Halliday’s work focuses on the tools of unseen labour, the colourful or not, brushes, dustpans, gloves and other items, often left in strange places which represent the unseen worker.

Opening party 11th March 6pm – 9pm
12th/13th March 2pm – 8.30pm
14th/15th March 11 – 7pm with Meet the Artists in the afternoon

Wheelchair access


The Arts Academy (former Newington Library), 155 Walworth Road, SE17 1RS

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