Project Ability presents ‘Electric Dreams’, Online


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3 artworks. The first is a creature made up a series of lines, with its mouth wide open painted mostly in blue. The second is a photograph looking up a tree trunk from it base towards the canopy. The third is painting of a person sat with an owl in a nest on the floor. They are sat on green grass below a purple tree.

We are delighted to announce that we’ve joined forces with our amazing partner organisations ActionSpace (London) and Venture Arts (Manchester) on a project entitled x3. Together, we will be presenting a series of virtual exhibitions to showcase the work of many of our talented artists including new work that has been created during Lockdown. The project commences with the first of three exhibitions, ‘Electric Dreams’, hosted by Venture Arts, which launches online on 11th March 2021.

Taking place ‘in’ Manchester and hosted by Venture Arts, the first x3 virtual exhibition, ‘Electric Dreams’, is inspired by the inner-world of dreamscapes and is curated by Venture Arts artists Daniel Elms and Sally Hirst. The show features the work of Daniel Elms (Venture Arts), Declan Leslie (ActionSpace) and Gary Turner (Project Ability). The theme of dreams brings together visions of longed-for natural beauty in the photography of Daniel Elms, whilst the visionary cartoon world of Manga art inspires the surreal work of Gary Turner and horror and the grotesque run through the sometimes-nightmarish work of Decan Leslie. Making Audio Description an art in itself, each work will be described with a poem specially written by Sally Hirst.

The exhibition is available to view on Project Ability’s website.

Project Ability will host the next exhibition in May and ActionSpace will present the final exhibition of the trio in July.

Captioning / Audio Descriptive Poetry



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