Quarantine presents No Such Thing – the distance edition, Online


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A table at a restaurant. There are two people eating, you can only see there hands and their plates of food. Next to them on the pale yellow table is a paper menu, a salt cellar, bunch of keys, a mobile phone, 2 upturned glasses and a jug of water.

‘No Such Thing – the distance edition’ is an ephemeral encounter between two strangers.

On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, strangers meet over video call (on Skype or Zoom) and share a conversation over lunch.

Hosted by Manchester-based theatre company Quarantine (their name for the past 21 years), No Such Thing – the distance edition is an online version of an event that usually happens monthly in a curry café in Manchester’s northern quarter.

It’s about the familiar pleasure of sharing food and conversation. For each event, Quarantine creates a menu of questions and topics to choose from. We talk about what’s happening in the world, in our lives and stuff that’s on our minds. There’s always a ‘Today’s Special’ from that day’s news.

We talk, we eat, we say goodbye. That’s it.

No Such Thing – the distance edition will take place online on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month until it can return to Kabana. The conversations are one-to-one, lasting half an hour, between 12 noon and 2:45pm.

To be part of the conversation email events@qtine.com and Quarantine will reply with availability.

First come, first served…

Quarantine have been making theatre, performance and public events from their Manchester home since 1998. Leaders in contemporary performance, they are known for their bold and intimate works that create the circumstances for conversations between strangers.

Online event; conversation can be typed


Online (Zoom or Skype)

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