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The picture displays the Queer@King’s logo. It shows a photo of London, showing a river view framed by the City of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral on the one, and high buildings on the other side. Above the river are dark clouds and a rainbow in the sky. There is the white letter K on a red background (King’s College logo) in the top left corner and ‘Queer@King’s’ is written in red in the top right corner.

Queer@King’s online with… Queer Artists on their Work – a series of interviews and discussions with queer artists.

Jess (They/Them) is a trans / non-binary, multi-disciplinary clown and political actor. They have studied theatre in the U.S, France and the UK. Working professionally in the UK for the past 4 years, most of the roles Jess has performed and auditioned for have been to play cisgender women. Although grateful for the few trans / non-binary roles they have auditioned for, these have all been written by white, cisgender men and the audition populated by cisgender people.

Through experiences of being tokenized, being asked for emotional labour and to seemingly speak on behalf of the Trans* community, Jess has found ways to create more meaningful dialogues with industry professionals, including addressing issues of race and disability.

In this session, Jess will be reflecting on the duality of being oppressed whilst having privilege, sharing ideas of reducing harm and dismantling racist, ableist and transphobic practices within the industry, and how to hold our personal and artistic selves accountable for our work.

Through a non-violent practice, they are determined to examine the industry and institutions they have benefited from. Jess wants to have the conversations that people may avoid in auditions and in rehearsal rooms whilst encouraging curiosity and critical thinking.

Hosted by: Maryanne Saunders is a PhD Candidate in Theology and Religious Studies at King’s College London where her research focuses on gender and sexuality in contemporary religious art.

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