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Two medical workers stand wearing full Isolation clothing - Full gowns, gloves, face masks and face shields.

We know we can never thank NHS workers and carers enough but we can make a start with a poem. On Thursday 30 April, the Scottish Poetry Library launches #PoemsForCarers.

#PoemsForCarers is a campaign whose goal is to empower the public to use poetry to thank NHS staff and carers. People who want to thank the NHS using poetry either film themselves reading a poem using their phone or take a picture of a poem and then attach them to a tweet, Facebook post or Instagram post, remembering to use the #PoemsForCarers hashtag. And that’s it.

The poem read can be a classic or it can be something written by the person taking part themselves. We hope the project will give the public the means to be able to say thank you at a time when many feel isolated and anxious.

We’re calling the project #PoemsForCarers. We originally looked at #PoemsForNHS, but after talking to our contacts in healthcare, they suggested #PoemsForCarers would take in a wider variety of key workers whose job is protecting the vulnerable.

#PoemsForCarers builds on the work the SPL has done in recent years bringing poetry into healthcare. Since 2014, the SPL, supported by the Royal College of General Practitioners in Scotland, and The Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland, has been gifting a poetry anthology, Tools of the Trade, to all newly graduated doctors in Scotland.

The anthology was designed to encourage compassion and personal resilience in junior doctors facing challenging situations. The SPL also led on Creative Words for Wellbeing in Scotland, a project using reading and writing to improve the health of the nation. The SPL is currently at work designing a similar book for Nurses and Midwives, with support from Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland, and others. Both anthologies are designed to encourage compassion and personal resilience in NHS staff facing challenging situations.

The launch is planned for

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