S:E:P:A:L:S Group and Tate BAN Online presents S:E:P:A:L:S; An Intersectional Approach to Care and Safety, Online


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Poster of digital image showing a light pale pink and white background. The event details are provided in different areas of the image. There are also small images representing the work of the people who will be speaking at the event. These images are placed in different locations on the image. The word 'SEPALS' curves across the image.

S: E: P: A: L: S: An Intersectional Approach to Care and Safety is a half day event and future publication that takes a more focused understanding of how we can use care and safety in a more diverse way within curating, institutional decision making, commissioning and education. All these areas have an impact on how we engage with each other and comprehend the cultural field. The event will consist of guest speakers and some members of the S: E: P: A: L: S Group who will tackle the ideas of care and safety in different ways.

Jack Ky Tan will consider what can happen beyond activism towards building a different ecosystem, also imagine the legal and governance shifts we might need for this. Lauren Craig will look deeper into her conceptual modality S: E: P: A: L: S; an approach for protective and regenerative production.

Afro-Carib curator Helen Starr and Afro-Somali artist Salma Noor will present an interactive multiplayer virtual world. In a futuristic desert world, which houses a golden breathing app, this wellbeing experience challenges Western notions of artistic practice. Created with advice from Indian breath specialist and neurologist Dr. Ash Ranpura, they will present It was a Roadside Picnic (Beyond Black Orientalism)-the World as a futuristic re-imagination, existing in Time and Zones that Spring from and Move in Breath (2021) from the imaginary of Salam Noor (SOM/UK), joined by Megan Broadmeadow (WLS/UK), Brandon Covington Sam Sumana (USA), Nicholas Delap (IND/UK), Ben Hall (ENG/SCO), Nayu Kim (KOR), (Kinnari Saraiya (IND) and framed and held in love and longing by Amrita Dhallu (IND/UK) and Helen Starr (TT).

Janina Francois ‘Rest as Reparations’ will explore the idea of ‘rest’ as an embodied act within cultural institutions to critique historical and contemporary notions of un/productivity, also to normalise idleness or ‘not doing’ as racialised and gendered care work. It will explore what care looks like for marginalised practitioners working with cultural institutions and how can we imagine life without cultural institutions

Finally, art psychotherapist, Georgina Obaya Evans will hold a shared space for reflection, transformation and creative self-enquiry. The S: E: P: A: L: S Group was initiated by Jack Ky Tan, Helen Starr, Pauline de Souza, Salma Noor, Lauren Craig, Lisa Kennedy, Janine Francois and Racha Bouhouche.

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