Shape Arts presents Unfolding Shrines, Mobile


Price: FREE


a very colourful, illustrated gallery space with a female figure that has 6 arms, an orange dress and blue mask in the central area

Unfolding Shrines is an exhibition of four artists’ augmented realities, viewable in a phone app.

Artists Jason Wilsher-Mills, Sophie Helf, Rebekah Ubuntu, and Uma Breakdown have been working with Shape Arts and Hot Knife Digital Media to make four distinct, augmented reality artworks.

Unfolding Shrines is a portal to the artists’ imaginations, they can inhabit your bedroom, kitchen or local park, turning your lockdown world into a new form of augmented gallery. Through the intimacy of your phone, you can enter four unique Augmented Reality artist spaces, navigating the detail of individual artworks by moving and zooming as you wish.

You can experience the show via a free app, available on the App Store and Google Play, or on our website.

BSL interpretation, audiobook



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