She Goat Present The Undefinable (with audio description) at Camden People’s Theatre


Price: £10 concession (carers go for free)


Two dudes in yellow mullet wigs and denim cut off shorts on either side of a wooden table. Instruments, microphones and black wires spill everywhere. Wooden guitar on the left, bright blue electric bass on the right. One dude sits on the table, pouring coffee from a cafetière, headphones around their neck, staring directly at us. The other dude grabs the mic, speaking into it with an animated face. In between them on the table sit a red keytar, upright silver flute, a laptop, hardware with a grid of white buttons, old-fashioned radio recording device. A large tenor recorder lies along a multicoloured music stand.

Zany live radio gig-theatre exploring unconventional relationships and celebrating the unusual and underrepresented qualities of love. Clear the decks for historical wigs, irreverent nudity, reckless dancing, and a whole lot of coffee – as we embark on a queer-platonic mix-tape into the unknown future and forgotten past of doing love differently. Every performance will be accessible to Visually Impaired audiences (with integrated live audio description)

integrated live audio description, accessible to Visually Impaired Audiences


Camden People's Theatre. 58-60 Hampstead Road NW1 2PY

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