Survivors’ Poetry live at the Poetry Cafe, London


Price: £1.50 floorspot / £2.50 concession / £3.50 the full ticket



Join us for a night of poetry, song and radicalism Survivors’ Poetry-style. This month we have the great Dolly Sen as our invited Guest Artist – Dolly is a doyenne of the Survivor movement and a gut wrenching poet in her own right. She has an art show on right now at the Bethlem Gallery featuring her latest subversive artwork – a full size bed covered in cuddly sheep called ‘Bedlamb’ upon which she interviews people…

Check out her Survivor art activism on and come and see her live with us! For one night only! Bring a poem or a song to share!

Survivors’ Poetry is a survivor-led arts group coordinating artistic activities, using poetry to make connections between creativity and mental health. The group was born in the 1990’s and tapping into a wellstream of unique and brilliant creativity, quickly coalesced into a national network of regional poetry groups, run by and for Survivors of the mental health system. Some of these groups have morphed into other things, some fell by the wayside.

Today Survivors’ Poetry consists of a random collection of  Survivor poets based in London, committed to sustaining the live events run so brilliantly for so many years by the incomparable Razz, who sadly died after a long illness in April this year. We unreservedly hold a space for all adult Survivors at the Poetry Café once a month, where people can read / perform their poetry uncensored and without judgement or prejudice in a safe and enthusiastic atmosphere.

It is empowering and liberating for many people to share their work with an audience who ‘gets you’, and the calibre of the work is phenomenal. Many people are finding their way to us and there is a thirst for our nights. Come and join the tribe!

For details go to Survivors’ Poetry Facebook page


The Poetry Café
22 Betterton St, WC2H 9BX London, United Kingdom