Sussex Dance Network presents ‘An evening of dance shorts on film’, Lewes


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Sussex Dance Network presents the films of seven artists working specifically within the dance film genre, looking at what dance means to them in relation to creating movement for the screen. These seven short film works explore their subjects’ journeys through dance, examining the arts of movement creation and revealing the work of those specifically choreographing dance for the camera.

Followed by a Q&A discussion hosted by Becky Edmunds.

Twenty, Forty, Sixty directed by Rebecca Dale-Everett
In this evocative and intimate short film, a sixty-three-year-old woman called Lisa tells her story of life through dance, and dancing through life.

Little Dreams by Wilkie Branson
Memory, dreams, hopes and fears can be a comfort and strength when we are alone and powerless. Made as a response to migration and estrangement from the self, Little Dreams is a mix of live-action film and stop-motion animation, featuring 5000 miniature hand-cut dancers that offer a sense of identity and expression for the dis-empowered.

A Part performed by Suzie Birchwood and Laura Jones
A showcase of two of the UK’s most experienced disabled female dancers in a work that celebrates the art of wheelchair dancing.

Feis directed by Anita Parry
A narrative film tracing the choreography of a family negotiating loss and shifting cultures, focusing on eleven year old Sinead, an irish dancer preparing for tomorrow’s Feis (a festival celebrating music & dance), who would rather be outside with her skateboarding friends.

Salomé directed by Rogerio Silva
Loosely based on Oscar Wilde’s play of the same name, this film captures the electric moment that Salomé and Jokanaan first meet. As the fateful encounter begins, sexuality and dogma inevitably collide in a spiralling dance of obsession and rejection.

Wild-er-ness directed by Ana Baer & Heike Salzer
Inspired by the lushness of the North Yorkshire Moors, this is a blend of site specific material intimately woven into a screendance. Consistent with their artistic research schema in the fields of dance and video, directors Ana Baer and Heike Salzer incite new challenges by integrating the notion of fashion design as a complementary starting point.

The Curve I Created directed by Emma Tierney
Following the journey of one dancer, this piece is an exploration through movement and material of women’s daily battles with beauty expectations. Filmed in a single take, the film examines a woman’s relationship with her lipstick – an intimate and personal relation between human and non human.

Wheelchair access


Depot, Pinwell Road, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 2JS

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