Tektite 2020: Women of Sea and Space presents Act/Action/Activism 2: Freewheeling, Online


Price: Free


A woman sat in a wheelchair wearing a white dress. She is underwater and is floating sideways with her right arm outstretched towards the camera. Her long hair flows behind her.

Tektite 2020 is a mind opening mix of live presentations and performances free online in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Tektite II: Mission 6. A once in a lifetime global lineup of ocean explorers, mission leaders, brave members of Tektite I, Tektite II: Mission 6 and a cohort of incredible artists, scientists, technologists and lovers of both sea and space.

Join us as Sarah Jane Pell chats to Artist Sue Austin about her stunning imagery of her underwater wheelchair, the next stages for the artwork and more.

This will be preceded by footage and imagery that forms part of Austin’s work ‘Creating the Spectacle!’

The conversation will be streamed live on our website and Facebook.



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