The Big Draw x Jennifer Lauren Gallery presents Monochromatic Minds workshop with Christopher Samuel, Online


Price: £11.37


advert with text explaining the workshop on the left and an image on right in dense biro marks making up a corridor

The Big Draw x Jennifer Lauren Gallery are excited to bring you a number of creative Sunday sessions throughout the Autumn season. Come join artist Christopher Samuel for a 1.5 hour black and white workshop, focusing on dense, layered marks and your experiences of lockdown.

After exploring different mark making and layering techniques in biro or thin pen, you will be asked to look at an image of a space you spent a lot of time in or missed being in during lockdown – be sure to have this to hand. You will then have the opportunity to build up this space on paper, with heavy, layered marks and more sparse areas, based on the style of Christopher’s artworks. Be prepared to press hard with your pens and have something to lean on under your paper!

You will need:

Paper / Something to Draw on

Black Pen/Biro, Pencils

These sessions will be held on Zoom and additional ticket information will be emailed to you separately. We use the Zoom webinar format so you will not appear on screen but we will record these sessions and send attendees a replay of the event.

Christopher Samuel is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is rooted in identity and disability politics, often echoing the many facets of his own lived experience. Seeking to interrogate his personal understanding of identity as a disabled person impacted by inequality and marginalisation, Christopher responds with urgency, humour, and poetic subversiveness within his work. This approach makes his work accessible to a wider audience, allowing others to identify and relate to a wider spectrum of human experience.




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