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The Trellis logo, which shows the word 'Trellis' in black lettering against a white background, with blue and yellow abstract shapes

A powerful new exhibition which sees artists, academics and community groups unite to create works addressing urgent issues. Addressing urgent contemporary issues including the Hostile Environment Policy, England’s damaging disregard for deaf language and culture, and destructive misconceptions about neurodiverse citizens, Trellis is a compelling multidisciplinary exhibition featuring seven contemporary artists working in collaboration with researchers and east London community groups. The resulting works are insightful, passionate and political, giving a voice to people whose stories are rarely heard.

The contemporary artists exhibiting in Trellis are: Edwin Mingard, Jon Adams, Briony Campbell, Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq, Sarah Carne, Sara Heywood and Jane Watt.

The unique tenet of Trellis is the tri-party relationship between the groups of community participants, artists, and cutting-edge researchers from UCL. Every project has pushed the boundaries to allow individuals to be heard and equitably co-create the final artworks.

Alongside the digital exhibition there’s a packed line up of free live events, including film premieres, artists in conversation and more.

Light-Wave is a collaboration between Professor Bencie Woll (DCAL), Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq (Artist) and the east London deaf community. East London’s deaf Community is a long-established, constituent part of East London life. However, the community has invariably been underrepresented or wholly unrepresented in cultural discourses. Light-Wave aspires to facilitate a creative collaboration between the creative team and local deaf people which affords recognition to the east London Deaf community’s history, culture and language, creating an artistic and academic legacy and tangible symbol of the community’s richness and resilience. The resulting artwork will be presented as a film. BSL interpretation will be available at the live Q&A for the Light-Wave post-screening event.

Flow Unlocked is a creative autistic led collaborative project which highlights the importance of relationships to autistic people. The intense sensitivity with which autistic people relate to the world is rarely recognised, let alone celebrated. The Flow Unlocked collective has been reflecting on personal and sensory relationships that have sustained them during the pandemic, as well as those they have missed. These reflections will be revealed through poetry, photography, drawing and film in this event.
The visual art is created by co-artists Jon Adams and Briony Campbell, in collaboration with the FlowUnlocked participants and Georgia Pavlopoulou, UCL psychologist and autism researcher. Her work on autistic mental health and relationships is at the root of Flow Unlocked.
Traditionally, projects are made about autistic people not with them, but Flow Unlocked breaks the mould by redefining autistic narratives from the perspective of lived experience. FlowUnlocked invites you to join them in erasing the damaging stereotypes that exist about autistic people, and celebrating their diverse talents and unique perspectives.

Film presentations will be captioned. BSL interpretation will be available at the live Q&A for the Light-Wave post-screening



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