Vici Wreford-Sinnott presents Siege Parts 1 & 2, Online


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A head and shoulders portrait of Philippa Cole playing the character of Mim. She is wearing an orange wavy wig, orange loveheart sunglasses and a black PVC / wetlook dress.

Vici Wreford-Sinnott’s Homemaker commission presents work in two parts – Part 1: The Wrong Woman Discussions, a series of five themed discussion films between disabled women performance makers, and Part 2: short film Siege exploring what it means to be disabled and ‘looked at’ focussing on a new character for the women’s drama canon, Mim.

Part 1 – The Wrong Woman Discussions
(It is recommended to watch the discussions before watching Siege to get the full impact of the work.)

A series of five themed discussion films between disabled women performance makers

Curated by Vici Wreford-Sinnott
Artists: Bea Webster, Melissa Johns, Julie McNamara and Tammy Reynolds
BSL Interpretation Sue Lee
Title credit – The wrong woman is a term used by Julie McNamara in her theatre practice and research.

The Wrong Woman Discussions which gives space for disabled performance makers to talk about transgressive women – women who break boundaries, defy definitions and explode stereotypes in their work. Five amazing disabled performance makers, reflecting a broad range of practices from live art, the TV industry, contemporary new writing for theatre, and performance work from drag to the RSC, present a sequence of themed nitty-gritty punch-packed roundtable discussions.

This meaningful level of discussion is rarely given a platform so we are really excited to share it with you.

Part 2 – Siege

Written, directed and edited by Vici Wreford-Sinnott
Performed by Philippa Cole
BSL interpretation Sue Lee
Camera Operator Daniel Griffiths

Siege is a short, filmed character monologue exploring what it means to be disabled and ‘looked at’. It’s from a longer-term piece of work and centres on the character of Mim (rhymes with quim). Mim, performed by the brilliant Philippa Coles, is a funny, edgy radical, trying to live a subversive lifestyle right slap bang in the middle of the radar, with a shame-free approach to the disabled female body, who can’t get a gig. What’s it gonna take to change that?

The monologue is a part of character exploration for a longer piece of work, originally intended to be a national touring production in 2021 – we’ll see what the future now brings but it has been interesting/challenging creating work to share in short film form in the digital realm. It’s neither a beginning nor an ending, it’s just where we are now.

The films are available to watch on the HOME Manchester website, now.

Captions, BSL and Audio description



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