Wellcome Collection presents Happiness, A Mystery, Online


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Photograph of a tablet standing on a green cabinet next to two houseplants and a book. The book has a bright orange cover with an illustration of a key and white label. The book titles appear on the key's label in black text  "Happiness, A Mystery & 66 attempts to solve it" by "Sophie Hannah". A photographic portrait of Sophie Hannah is on the tablet screen with video call icons "People", "Chat" and a red telephone icon.

Join celebrated crime writer Sophie Hannah in this online event unravelling the mystery of happiness.

Sophie will discuss her new book and how she has used her decades of experience in crime writing and observations from her own life to scrutinise and solve the clues that lead to happiness.

Sophie Hannah’s book ‘Happiness, A Mystery And 66 Attempts to Solve It’ was published by Wellcome Collection on 24 September 2020.

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