Wellcome Collection presents Intensive Care with Dr Gavin Francis, Online


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Dr Gavin Francis appears on an ipad, which is propped up on a brown table. To the left of the ipad there's a plant and a small monkey statuette. To the right is the book Intensive Care.

Join us to explore what it means to be a doctor caring for a society in crisis during a pandemic with GP Gavin Francis.

In conversation with writer Louise Welsh, Gavin will discuss his deeply personal experience of a year caring for patients in rural and urban communities. The two speakers will also reflect on the ways in which the pandemic and its policy measures have compounded existing social inequalities and health concerns.

From treating patients in care homes to those in communal city stairways, Gavin and Louise will reveal what care looks like in different contexts, what can be achieved when we care for each other, and the true cost of the pandemic.

The two speakers will be in conversation for 30 minutes, with the opportunity to ask questions during the final 15 minutes.

This event will be live-streamed on Wellcome Collection’s YouTube channel and available to watch afterwards. After booking a ticket, you will receive a confirmation email with joining instructions.

You will be able to comment and ask questions live online using the chat function throughout the event. Your microphone and camera will be switched off for the whole session.

The event will be live-captioned.

Gavin Francis’s new book ‘Intensive Care’ is out now in hardback.

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