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Job Listing Submission

Use this form to input details of a paid job, professional development opportunity, commission, residency,  competition, voluntary post or internship you think may be of interest to Disability Arts Online’s readers. To submit an events listing, see here.

To advertise a job or event on our listings, you will now have to sign up for an ‘advertisers’ account. This gives you a login, and allows you to manage all of your current jobs and events listings within a ‘member’s area’. You can sign up or log in at the bottom of this page.

Premium listings cost £30 and include sidebar advertising as ‘Job of the Week’ on the jobs section of the site and alongside every article for one week. As of 1 May 2021, we will be increasing this to £35 in line with increased costs and inflation. This is the first time we have increased the cost of premium listings since we introduced them in June 2016. Premium listings appear as ‘Job of the Week’ in the weekly newsletter which goes out to 2,200+ subscribers. We also promote Premium listings across our social media channels including Twitter (14,400+ followers) and Facebook (4,300+ followers). Premium listings can now be purchased at the point of submission, either via BACS (invoice) or PayPal. Our finance team will contact you with an invoice about a week after submission if paying via BACS. We also offer an Annual Premium Subscription. This includes up to 12 premium listings (which can be a mixture of jobs or events), unlimited basic listings (which are usually restricted to 1 Job and 5 events per organisation) and priority support. At £250 for a year (£294 as of 1 May 2021), it represents a 30% discount on buying the premium listings individually.

For information about our other advertising spaces, see the advertising page for full details.

Basic listings are free, but we are now limiting these to one job listing per organisation at a time. If you would like to post more than one job listing at a time, you must pay for our Premium service. Basic listings will be reviewed and published on the Friday following your submission. Inclusion in the long list of jobs in the weekly newsletter cannot be guaranteed.

Before submitting your form, please fill in all the required fields marked with *

Please remember to review your listing before submitting. Disability Arts Online is not responsible for the accuracy of the listings. You may update your listing once submitted from within your member’s dashboard.

If you have any issues please email

There is a known issue with older versions of Chrome and our submission form. If you are unable to see the submission form below once you have logged in please try the following:

  1. Make sure your Chrome is updated to the latest version.
  2. Clear the cache on Chrome.
  3. Retry. If it still doesn’t work, then try using a different web browser to submit the listing.