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Colourful leaflet depicting the same information as in the listing.

Rural Arts North Yorkshire seeks Artists and Creatives

Location: Thirsk, North Yorkshire
Date: 30 October 2020

Snappy in black capitals with a pink triangle replacing the A. Operas also in black capitals with a purple circle replacing the O and a blue triangle replacing the A.

Mahogany Opera seeks Snappy Opera Delivery Teams

Location: North East, Yorkshire, East Midlands
Date: 30 October 2020

Shape Arts logo which is comprised of bright shapes creating a negative space for the word 'Shape' and 'Shape Arts' in plain text underneath.

Shape Arts seeks Charity Trustees

Location: Remote/London
Date: 31 October 2020

Aspex logo. A black rounded quote mark with aspex in lower case white typewriter text in the centre. 5 tails of different colours fan from the bottom edge of the quote mark.

Aspex seeks Marketing & Communications Manager

Location: Portsmouth
Date: 1 November 2020

Buildings line the edge of a canal. A blue and yellow boat is in the foreground moving along the water.

Watershed seeks Marketing Coordinator, Film Hub South West

Location: Bristol
Date: 2 November 2020

Paines Plough logo. A black circle with a white P cut out of it next to Paines Plough in black bold capital letters.

Paines Plough seeks Company Stage Manager

Location: London and UK tour
Date: 2 November 2020

A black outline of a square with CC inside. To the right black text reads: Crafts Council

Crafts Council seek Digital Manager

Location: London
Date: 2 November 2020

Brown empty cinema seats look down to a white screen with the words "Film Research Project" in script writing scrawled on the screen.

Film student seeks Blind participants for Research Project

Location: Zoom/online
Date: 3 November 2020