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Our company logo PDSW in branded purple colour

Pavilion Dance South West seeks Freelance Technician

Location: Bournemouth
Date: 10 April 2020

A drawing in blue of a womans head tilted back, hair flowing down her neck. Her had is palm up by her ear. Above reads ' Glasgow Zine Library'.

Glasgow Zine Library seeks Illustrator

Location: UK
Date: 12 April 2020

Logo for Touretteshero, bold dynamic blue letters with stars

Touretteshero seeks a General Manager

Location: London, Peckham
Date: 14 April 2020

Europe Beyond Access logo with blue swirl

British Council seeks Project Evaluators for Europe Beyond Access

Location: International
Date: 15 April 2020

Actors Touring Company Logo. The black outline of 3 rectangles spaced out above each other, the top one is shorter in height. The letter A in red sits on top of the middle rectangle, the letter T in red sits on the bottom rectangle and C in red sits across the bottom edge of the bottom rectangle

Actors Touring Company seeks a Chair of the Board

Location: London
Date: 17 April 2020

Signal Film & Media Logo. A black and white circle with spines radiating from the centre, to the left Signal, above film & Media. All in black.

Signal Film & Media seeks Learning & Engagement Manager

Location: Barrow-in-Furness
Date: 20 April 2020

Charnwood in yellow on a black background. Below there is a square with a white outline filled diagonally two thirds with yellow and top third with black. Across this in large black writing with a white outline is Arts.

Chief Executive Officer

Location: Loughborough
Date: 20 April 2020

A wooden walkway going between trees. It is elevated on stilts and is high up in the tree canopy.

Art Shape seeks Artist in Residence

Location: Westonbirt Arboretum
Date: 25 April 2020

FA above CT in big bold black type. There is a white square cut out of the middle, across which reads Fact Liverpool in small black capitals.

FACT : Call for proposals, FACT Together

Location: North East
Date: 26 April 2020

The word AudioActive, plus geometric logo formed of 3 differently sized black triangles within the area of a square

AudioActive seeks Communications Manager

Location: Brighton
Date: 29 April 2020