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Jobs - part time

Black and white text logo that says FWD-Doc

FWD-Doc (Filmmakers with Disabilities) seeks Programme & Communications Manager

Location: Remote, anywhere in the world
Date: 30 September 2020

A dark grey square with 'London Irish Centre' in the top right hand corner. London and Centre are in white capitals, Irish is in larger green capitals between them.

London Irish Centre seeks Volunteer Manager

Location: London
Date: 5 October 2020

A brightly coloured outline of a hexagon on a purple background and the centre of the hexagon is white. Autism at work is written in grey capitals and the O is an orange dot. This is connected by fine grey lines to pink, blue and yellow circles outside the hexagon.the

Tilly and Blue seeks Pet Portrait Artists

Location: Homeworking
Date: 13 October 2020

Sunderland Culture in black capitals on a white background to the right of an S made up of 8 triangles with black outlines.

Sunderland Culture seeks Chair of Trustees

Location: Sunderland
Date: 16 October 2020

Colourful leaflet depicting the same information as in the listing.

Rural Arts North Yorkshire seeks Artists and Creatives

Location: Thirsk, North Yorkshire
Date: 30 October 2020