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Jobs - international

A walker dressed up with a red and blue fringed parasol, draped tapestries, a silver platter, a gramophone horn and cow horns.

Opulent Mobility: Call for Submissions, Opulent Mobility 2021

Location: International
Date: 31 July 2021

A collage that consists of: Pictures taken from EFN's live events, EFN's logo, Genesis Cinema's logo, September 2021 caption

EFN Short Film Festival: Call for Submissions, EFN Short Film Festival Summer/Autumn edition

Location: Genesis Cinema and recording available online
Date: 20 August 2021

A young woman sits cross legged on her bed, showing that she has a prosthetic foot. She's surrounded by colorful wedding materials - a red lengha, nail polish, jewelry. But in front of her face is a book that reads...revenge!

ReelVintage Media: Casting Call, AGG (Feature Film)

Location: Los Angeles, California (USA)
Date: 1 December 2021