Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes seeks Theatre Artist/Director

Closing Date: 15 October 2021

Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes

Location: Milton Keynes

Remuneration: £6000 fee


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Milton Keynes Camphill Community is working with the Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes on a cultural inclusion and diversity bridging project. A major aim of this project is to build greater understanding between the MK arts and heritage sector and the diverse communities it serves. This is one of six projects that will use identity as a way to facilitate creative processes that link communities and cultural organisations to locals in and around Milton Keynes.

Camphill Community and The Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes is now looking to appoint an artist with an understanding of disability. Working with Camphill as a community group, the artist will showcase aspects of everyday life at Camphill and how the activity there connects with the wider Milton Keynes community.

Camphill is a live-in and working, open community fostering independent lifestyle for adults with support needs. According to residents, the best bits of Camphill are ‘the friends we make, the openness and independence, and the food’. Activity for residents includes a theatre, a cafe, a bakery, a weaver, a pottery, a tech lab, and workshops including arts and crafts, tool repair, gardening, a newsletter.

Taking into consideration that a major aim of this project is to build relationships between diverse communities and the arts and heritage sector, the final creative piece must be accessible to a wide range of audiences. This will provide a way for people to connect and engage with what is important to members of the Milton Keynes Camphill Community, understanding their passions and interests.

The end artistic product must be a performance that involves the group of residents involved in this project. It can incorporate art forms such as acting, movement/dance, music/choral work, or circus.

Produced by the Arts and Heritage Alliance MK, the artist will work with Camphill and the producers to find the most suitable space to perform the final creative piece.

January 2022 – June/July 2022.

• Artist fee: £6000 (inclusive of VAT), plus £500 for expenses.
• Materials budget: £2,000.

1. Please provide an Artist brief (two pages OR 10 PowerPoint slides OR a 5 minute video OR a format that is comfortable to you) with your initial ideas of how to take this project forward. The proposal should respond to the information outlined here and the following question: How does the place where you live provide insight into who you are? We are looking for innovation, potential for teamwork, and accessibility.
2. Include a CV and some samples of your work.
3. Include a breakdown of days and costs.
4. Deadline: 5 pm, Friday October 15th 2021.
5. Email: