Autograph: Call for Photographs, #HackneyIsHome

Closing Date: 15 April 2021


Location: Hackney

Remuneration: N/A


'#HackneyIsHome Call for Photographs on the theme Hackney is home' in bold text on a white background. The colour fades from yellow to deep orange down the page.

#HackneyIsHome is a public art project created by young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Over the last six months, they have been taking photographs and making films inspired by the different stories and experiences of people who have come to Hackney and made it their home.

Now Autograph wants you to join the campaign and help them celebrate the many perspectives and experiences of home, identity and community life in the diverse borough of Hackney.

Send Autograph your images responding to the theme ‘Hackney is Home’ by 15 April 2021, and they’ll select their favourites to feature on Autograph’s website and social media as part of the #HackneyIsHome project. This could include your photographs, videos or even other art forms like drawings or paintings. It could be things you have already created, or your family snaps.

They’re particularly interested to see images that tell unheard or underrepresented stories about the people and places that make up Hackney. Maybe it’s about the significant people in your life or the community that you believe needs to be highlighted. It could respond to Hackney’s long history as a place that people from all over the world have made home, creating one of London’s most diverse boroughs. Maybe it’s about your idea of ‘home’ – a place you cherish, feel safe in and which represents who you are.

You definitely don’t need to own a fancy camera or be a professional photographer! They welcome submissions from anyone who has a story to tell about Hackney – no matter how big or small.

Submit your photos on Autograph’s website. You can submit a maximum of 3 images or artworks. You can only submit work you’ve created, and you need to be over 18 years old.

A panel of Autograph staff, artists and partners will choose their favourite images, which will then be featured on Autograph’s website and social media as part of the #HackneyIsHome project.

Copyright for any images you submit will remain with you, and we’ll credit all images under the name you submit them with. We will contact you to let you know if your image has been selected.

Find out more and how to submit your photographs on our website.