Brighton Fringe: Callout, Brighton Fringe 2021 Artwork

Closing Date: 25 November 2020

Brighton Fringe

Location: UK

Remuneration: £1000


Brighton Fringe painted in purple on a white background.

Brighton Fringe is on the hunt for a talented artist, designer, illustrator or animator to design the artwork for the 2021 festival

Submission deadline:

Please send PDF mock-up (draft) proposals of the hero graphic and a link to your portfolio to by midnight Wednesday 25 November 2020. Only UK based artists, including animators, illustrators and graphic designers, are eligible to apply.


The selected artist will be awarded £1,000 towards expenses for the design development and completion of the full scope of the project.

About Brighton Fringe:
Brighton Fringe is an open-access arts festival that usually runs for four weeks over May – June in Brighton. It’s the biggest open-access arts festival in England, and one of the largest Fringe festivals in the world. We offer a thrilling and vibrant selection of theatre, cabaret, comedy, music, dance, visual arts and spoken word, which promises something for everyone. We set out to stimulate, educate and entertain a diverse cross-section of people through a broad range of art forms.


It’s time to celebrate!

Despite the effects that COVID-19 had, and continues to have, on the world, Brighton Fringe is ready to celebrate. We’re celebrating the arts, the creativity of artists and audiences, the resilience of our colleagues and friends and the always unpredictable nature of Fringe Festivals.

Every year, Brighton Fringe is a big celebration across the city of Brighton & Hove. Now, as we find the ‘new normal’, Brighton Fringe moves into a more digital landscape with performers and audiences able to take part in the festival from their bedrooms in New York City or their sofas in Hong Kong making for a truly global celebration.

We invite everyone to #CelebrateFringe.

Key objective:

The design of the Brighton Fringe hero graphic will provide the core branding for the 2021 marketing campaign, and will be translated across all other marketing materials including print and outdoor advertising, social media, online, app and email marketing.

As we take big steps away from our usual print brochure-led branding and more into the digital world, it’s important that the designer, illustrator or animator that we work with has a strong understanding of producing work for digital platforms.

Please note: Brighton Fringe is an international arts festival and designs and motifs that rely on recognition of Brighton landmarks such as Brighton Palace Pier and the Royal Pavilion are not suitable for this brief. Please also think creatively, submissions that go beyond literal interpretations of the brief are welcomed.

Marketing objectives:

Entertain, engage and excite potential audiences of Brighton Fringe 2021
Raise awareness of the artistic range of Brighton Fringe
Reflect the high energy, inclusive nature of the Brighton Fringe brand
Build a strong digital brand for Brighton Fringe 2021

Hero Graphic
To include Brighton Fringe logo and tagline, festival dates, social media links, website, box office telephone number and sponsor logos. This can also include different textures and backgrounds.

Vector files
Vector files of individual elements/assets used in final design including characters, motifs, patterns.

Colour sheet
Adding some year-specific colours that work alongside our current colour palettes.

Brighton Fringe logo with 2021 design flourish and colouring.

Category Icons
12 icons, one for each event category in the brochure; Cabaret & Variety, Children & Young People, Circus, Dance & Physical Theatre, Comedy, Events & Films, Exhibitions, Literature & Spoken Word, Music & Nightlife, Theatre, Tours, Workshops.

4 colour print separations of the main hero graphic for screen printed products such as t-shirts and posters.

Logo stings to be used in videos, as well as GIF/video animations to be used to support our key messaging.

Project deadlines:

Wednesday 25 November: Deadline for submissions
Monday 30 November: Brighton Fringe to confirm who has been selected as the 2021 artist
Wednesday 9 December: 2021 Logo, colour sheet and some vector files to be supplied
Monday 14 December: Brighton Fringe open for registration. Some 2021 teaser assets to be released with a website update
Wednesday 16 December – Wednesday 13 January: Final hero image, final logo, registration GIF/animation/video and all category icons to be supplied
Thursday 11 March: Tickets on sale. Website and App launch with full new branding. Final ‘hero graphic’ to be revealed.
March – June: Some supporting design work to be supplied in line with our key messaging. This may be GIFs, logo stings etc.

Measures of success:

Most appropriate for Brighton Fringe 2021 objectives, artwork usage and audience
Reflective of Brighton Fringe ethos
Responsive to theme

Submission deadline:

Please send PDF mock-up proposals of the hero graphic and a link to your portfolio to by midnight Wednesday 25 November 2020. Only UK based artists, including animators, illustrators and graphic designers, are eligible to apply.