Call for submissions: Future Perfect – Future Imperfect?

Closing Date: 14 February 2020


Location: Remote

Remuneration: N/A



Invitation to contribute artwork, poetry, prose – reflections on the future to a book Future Perfect – Future Imperfect? to be published by Wunderkammer Press, 2020/2021.

D4D is an ongoing research programme that is investigating the evolving ways in which we as disabled people express, perform, experience and practise ‘community’.

The D4D team is currently seeking contributions for a forthcoming publication. Pictures, cartoons, poems, short stories and reflections are being sought with ideas about disability in the future. Contributions can be serious or playful.

Future Perfect – Future Imperfect? is a book and e-book that will link to the D4D project about disability and community (2016-2020). The focus of the publication will be projections into the future. What will the future look like for disabled people? How will we think of disability in the context of posthuman thinking and scientific advances that will enable us to create human / technology hybrids?

Published by Wunderkammer Press, the book will explore issues such as the following:

  • What will care, education, employment and social inclusion look like?
  • How might new technology open up access for disabled people or further
  • isolate them?
  • What might future care provision look like with the advent of robot
  • “carers”?
  • What kind of new opportunities and new challenges will face disabled people?
  • Will there be a particular voice and identity in the field of Disability Arts or will that merge into something mainstream?
  • And how will new advances in medicine and biomedicine affect the futures of disabled people. Will advances in research around Genetics and Genomics lead to health and contentment or the extinction of people with certain conditions?
  • How might we create virtual spaces in the future through gaming or online communities?
  • What might truly accessible real world spaces look like?
  • How will we conceptualise ‘disability’ in the future?
  • In a future world of climate change, how might disabled people help to lead resilient communities?

The D4D team welcome contributions that provide insights into the issues above in the form of artwork, photographs, short prose pieces, short stories, poetry, reflections about places, spaces or artefacts, manifestos for the future. They can be funny, sad or whatever you want. They can relate to general expectations about the future to concerns and hopes around your own lives.

It is important to emphasise that this is a non-profit initiative.  As such, no payment can be made to contributors. The purpose of the book is to explore future possibilities for disabled people and to challenge wider perceptions. If you wish to be involved, please, feel free to send us any ideas.

Feel free to send initial queries first by e-mail to:
Dr Tanvir Bush:
Ms Esther Fox:
Professor Martin Levinson:

We look forward to hearing from you.

D4D is funded by the AHRC’s Connected Communities stream, D4D consists of a number of different contributing projects exploring diverse areas such as robotics, the arts, education, employment, genetics and gaming.