Gemma Nash seeks musician to remix electronic music track, international

Closing Date: 3 July 2020

Gemma Nash

Location: Online

Remuneration: £150


Soundcloud banner featuring image of a white woman and a close up of a circuit board

I am looking to employ fellow disabled artists to make a 3-5 minute audio remix of one of my Soundcloud tracks.
I can offer a fee of £150 in exchange for your release of all rights to the remix. I will credit your artistic input in the remix.
To apply please email with:
Details about you.
The track you want to remix & your approach.
Up to four examples of your work.
No more than 500 words
I am particularly interested in employing disabled artists from underrepresented groups, such as POC and/or queer folk.
Deadline for Application: 3.7.20.  Decision:10.7.20  Deadline for remix: 3.8.20.