HOAX : Call for submissions, HOAX emergency relaunch

Closing Date: 31 May 2020


Location: UK

Remuneration: £50


A square with pink lines crossing it diagonally. In the middle there is a white H.

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying social distancing efforts, we have decided to bring back HOAX at short notice. It returns as an online-only platform showing and publishing art and writing, and supporting artists and writers during this difficult time. Submissions are open now, and a crowdfunder has been launched in order to pay contributors.

HOAX is a curatorial project dedicated to giving a print, digital and IRL platform to work that exists at the intersection of art and creative writing. A return has been planned for HOAX, however, prompted by the current global need for social distancing, and the effects of this on both artists and audiences – postponements, cancellations and closures of events and platforms, as well as artists and writers losing vital income – we’ve chosen to bring the return of its online platform forward to now. This is so as to provide much-needed funds to creatives and ensure the facilitation and presentation of new work that can be engaged with remotely.
In order to make this happen, we’ve launched a crowdfunder to raise these funds, the entirety of which will go directly to contributors. We are a tiny team, and HOAX is a labour of love which is run on a shoestring, with all costs covered out-of-pocket, and it has always been free to submit to and free to read. As such, we would like to ask anyone who can afford it to chip in what they can to this crowdfunder – even tiny amounts add up and go a very long way. Due to circumstances meaning submissions and showing/publishing work are now happening concurrently to fundraising, we can’t confirm yet exactly how often work will be published or how much contributors will be paid. Both will be dictated by funds raised, and the more money that we raise, the more works we will be able to showcase and the more artists we will be able to support. Our current aim is to pay contributors at least £50 per piece, and to publish one piece per week. Both fee and frequency may (and hopefully will) increase depending on funding, and we’d like to raise at least £1,500 but preferably much more.