MOOP: Journals seeks participants

Closing Date: 30 April 2020

Brighton’s Museum Of Ordinary People

Location: Nationwide

Remuneration: Voluntary


The Museum of Ordinary people written in a think black font.

Brighton’s Museum Of Ordinary People (MOOP) is an award-winning pop-up museum.

We want people across the UK to add to our museum collection—in the form of a traveling journal—then post it onwards.

Our museum is on the move. We’re posting several blank MOOP journals around the UK, so that people can add an entry, wrap the book back up and post it on to the next person. We want each person to describe an everyday object of significance to them, and the story behind it. They should include a written description or story, and they can then be creative and add a photo, drawing, or use another medium to convey its appearance.

Each book will become a travelling mini-museum that expresses the power of objects to convey layers of meaning, and to emotionally resonate through their relatability. People can be totally anonymous if they want. All we ask is that they post it on to the next person, so it can continue its journey. If participants can’t afford to pay to post the journal onward, the museum can reimburse them.

At MOOP, we are interested in the stories behind everyday objects, the narrative of normal people’s lives that wouldn’t normally make it into a traditional museum. While we acknowledge that there’s a necessity for large institutions, we’re part of a new wave of museums that believe their role is to question what deserves to be collected, to be representative, and change the perspectives of those who visit. We want to challenge the very definition of a museum and its methods of recording, so that more people start to see themselves represented in collections.

We believe everybody’s story deserves to be told. What object would represent you in a museum about your life?

Email us on, and we’ll get in touch with the next steps.

Please visit our website for further information.