The Space : Call for submissions, Culture in Quarantine

Closing Date: 8 April 2020

The Space

Location: England

Remuneration: £3,000 - £8,000


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Together, we are living through an unprecedented time as the world faces COVID-19. Just at the very moment when the brightest creative minds are needed to make sense of the fears and uncertainties thrown up by the pandemic and to unite us, many of the traditional ways of making and experiencing art are closed: theatres are dark, galleries have shut down, studios are silent.

The Culture in Quarantine Fund is a new commissioning strand launched by BBC Arts with Arts Council England to support England-based artists of any discipline to produce new works in creative media – video, audio and interactive – in spring 2020.

We are looking for creatively ambitious ideas that feel that they could have been made at no other time. Commissions do not need to be about the current emergency but must engage imaginatively with ideas of social isolation. The requirements of social distancing must also be adhered to in the making of the work.

The work proposed should be novel and aim to deliver a creative and engaging audience experience and be clear about the specific audiences they aim to appeal to.

The Space is managing the Culture in Quarantine Fund on behalf of BBC Arts and Arts Council England, in collaboration with cultural sector partners, to be announced shortly.

You can apply via our online system. We are requesting a brief overview of your idea and how it could be made, an estimated budget and information about your previous work. Ideas can be submitted by individual professional artists based in England or by cultural organisations on behalf of artist(s) based in England.

For more information please visit our website.

The deadline for applications is 5pm BST, Wednesday 8 April 2020.