The Staying Inn seeks Disabled Artists

Closing Date: 30 September 2020

The Staying Inn

Location: Online

Remuneration: £80 to £100 per 90 minute session


The Staying Inn logo, a shield with gold letters, The Staying Inn. Underneath a latin motto, Salvete ad circulum manentum, se lavate manus! and two palms spread out from a house.

My name is Dr Amy Kavanagh, I am a visually impaired activist and campaigner, @BlondeHistorian on Twitter. I am currently the landlady of an online pub The Staying Inn.

The Staying Inn is an accessible, inclusive online space for disabled and non disabled people to stay connected during the COVID-19 crisis. We have over 500 subscribers to our newsletter and run a range of different events. Our events are held over video conferencing call, and they are accessible with live captions and British Sign Language interpreters. You can find more on information on our website.

We are fundraising to hold more events throughout July and August, as a community of disabled volunteers we know that for many people ‘the new normal’ won’t be accessible and disabled people still may face social isolation. So we want to offer a wide variety of skills workshops and fun sessions.

We’re open to lots of different ideas! Anything that works over video call!
Music, performance, dance, comedy, or even a skills workshop like public speaking or a creative writing session.

We are crowdfunding and continuing to seek grants / alternative sources of funding to cover access costs and pay our disabled contributors. Unfortunately we can only offer at this time around £80 to £100 for a 90 minute session. We understand this might not be a full rate but we hope you will consider supporting our community group! We are of course very happy to also promote your work through our mailing list and social media.

Contact us via if you have an idea for a session.