Carousel Radio wins British podcast award

A group from Carousel Radio with celebrities on stage

British Podcast Awards: Fran Reynolds, Dave Lavis, Davot Irving, Chris Skull, Josh Widdicombe. Image

At a celebrity filled event at King’s Place, London on Saturday 19 May, Carousel’s pioneering podcast won GOLD in the Represent category of the British Podcast Awards, supported by Twitter. The award is a just marker of the quality and distinctiveness of the programme, which is planned, recorded and presented by a learning disabled team.

Carousel’s win was announced at the event by comedian Josh Widdicombe. The judges said “We liked it because it platforms voices we genuinely feel have been filtered out of our experiences of media in the UK, resulting in a distinct listening experience. The contribution format felt democratised and refreshing, ‘no filter’ feel, unpredictable so engaging, not over edited – highly original content.”

The award is a fantastic achievement for the Carousel Radio team, Ewan MacAdam, Fran Reynolds and Davot Irving who commission, write, record and present the monthly radio show and podcast. Ewan says: “It’s a positive step for Carousel Radio. I hope that more people will listen now and enjoy the show.

The Carousel Radio Show is a regular and popular feature on RadioReverb, Brighton’s community licensed radio station.

“We’re proud to host many socially conscious programmes” says RadioReverb director Tracey Allen “Carousel Radio being one of our most successful and unique. Winning this prestigious podcasting award is a testament to the hard work from both the Carousel Radio and RadioReverb teams”.

The British Podcast Awards are the annual celebration of independent original and experimental podcasts, giving a total of sixty two awards ranging from Family and True Crime to Sport, Music and Current Affairs. For Ewan, Fran and Davot, winning is a great encouragement to continue being the creative voice of people with learning disabilities and challenging expectations of what great art is and who can achieve it.

Listen to the Carousel Radio podcast here. Or tune in to RadioReverb 97.2FM in Brighton, DAB and online at 2pm on the first Sunday of each month.