Disability Arts Online Instagram account HACKED!!!


For Dyslexia Awareness Week (1 – 7 October 2018) pro-dyslexic artist Benedict Phillips takes control of Disability Arts Online Instagram account: www.instagram.com/disabilityarts/

Benedict says “when it comes to dyslexia, most people talk about what happens in the first 10 years of life at school. I’m here to talk about what others do not i.e. what happens in the following 50 years!…. the word dyslexia came into use 130 years ago. I see people still talking about it as if it’s a word someone made up last week. For most people dyslexia is about being bad at reading and writing, they are wrong that’s just where dyslexia reveals itself in our text heavy society”.

Benedict Phillips is the second artist to take over the Instagram account for DAO (Disability Arts Online) presenting images from his work which explore his experiences of and ideas about dyslexia and society. Phillips is aided in this by his alter ego The DIV (dyslexic intelligent vision) who has reclaimed the dunce cap as the hat of dyslexic empowerment.

image of the artists wearing a red conical hat, standing in frot of a blackboard

The Red DIV (2011). Image © Benedict Phillips

Phillips is author of A Benedictionary the world’s only Lexic to Dislecksick translation dictionary containing twelve illustrations, an introduction to the history of this dyslexic/dislecksick work, and access to over two and half thousand dyslexic spellings, supporting the vision that “everyone can be Dislecksick, you just have to try harder”.

In the lead up to Dyslexia Awareness Week Benedict Phillips will be presenting his lecture ‘3D Thinkers in a 2D world’ at the first, Leeds dyslexia festival on Saturday 29th September: www.leedsdyslexiafestival.org.uk

Benedict Phillips’ Program of Activities for Dyslexia Awareness Week:
During the Dyslexia Awareness Week Hack Benedict will present a different dyslexic project every day.

Monday (1 October 2018): Benedict will be releasing a warning about the disadvantages of not being dyslexic to the general population, find out more about an exam in becoming dyslexic! www.vimeo.com/10805270

Tuesday (2 October 2018): Invisible conversations, UK and USA revealing the inner workings of the 3-D thinker revealed… http://benedictphillips.co.uk/invisible-conversations/

Wednesday (3 October 2018): Benedict is showing his work The RED DIV in the group exhibition agency at the Eagle Gallery, Farringdon, London, by The Artists Agency which opens on 3 October 2018. www.theartistsagency.co.uk/benedict-phillips

Thursday (4 October 2018): Benedict presents his lecture performance ‘3D Thinkers in a 2D world’ followed by an in conversation with Aby Watson at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow.

Friday (5 October 2018): Benedict will lead his ‘How to be a dyslexic artist’ workshops with the students at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, working with Aby Watson.

Saturday (6 October 2018): ‘A Benedictionary’ the world’s first and only dyslexic translation dictionary becomes available at bookartbookshop, 17 Pitfield St, Hoxton, London N1 6HB

Sunday (7 October 2018): To be confirmed?