Disability Arts Online to host livestream of DisArt’s ‘Process and Presence’ Fashion show in Michigan


As part of its 2018 programme ‘Process and Presence’ Michigan-based disability organisation, DisArt is hosting a disability fashion show with a difference on Saturday 22 September. A livestream of the event will be available below from midnight UK time.

DisArt fashion show flyer

DisArt offers a strong alternative to “traditional” fashion shows which too often praise perfection rather than individuality. DisArt’s fashion shows aren’t meant to inspire audiences through a parade of Disabled people in fancy clothes. Instead, they are intentionally designed events meant to explore the sometimes awkward but always innovative fusion of disability and style. In 2016, ELEVATE: A DisArt Fashion Show celebrated disability fashion alongside Disabled identity, innovative design practices, and community building. Take a look at this event which over 2000 people attended below:

DisArt 2018 Process and Presence Fashion Show will continue the effort to help audiences reconfigure their understandings of disability and fashion. Inspirations for the show will be pulled from the Process and Presence: Contemporary Disability Sculpture exhibition occurring simultaneously at Meijer Gardens.

The livestream will be available here: