Dolly Sen takes the reigns as Guest Editor of Disability Arts Online

Message reads: I leave no sanity in my brain overnight. What little I do carry has been held hostage by the Disability Arts Online (DAO) team in exchange for being guest editor

Dolly Sen’s hostage message

Mad writer, artist, performer and filmmaker Dolly Sen will be guest editing Disability Arts Online over the coming weeks.

Dolly’s unique, anarchic brand of humour and Mad politics expressed through her artwork, poetry, film and prose have been gracing the virtual pages of DAO ever since we reviewed her mad memoir The World Is Full of Laughter and she first began posting to our journal way back in July 2008.

DAO is dedicated to forging an appreciation of disability arts as an artform in its own right – something Dolly has long understood as a supporter of what we publish as a journal and produce as an organisation.

Our remit is to share artistic practice and to inform a growing community of professional disabled artists of current debates about access, discrimination and inclusion within the arts.

An advantage for an up-and-coming disabled artist looking to forge a career within disability arts is that DAO can give you an opportunity to blog about your work and to receive feedback from our community. We offer an overview of what’s happening in the sector and can help network you with organisations and artists who can support the development of your work. The experience of posting work onto DAO can support your confidence as an emerging artist.

Dolly Sen has always been a keen advocate of our work, using DAO as a platform from which to share her creativity. Recent posts have ranged from a short film inviting you to play Mad Bingo, poems to stand against the world with, a blog that doesn’t exist, and a series of Unreasonable Adjustments cartoons.

Her hilarious Madvent Calendar and I Love Psychiatry colouring books have often drawn appreciative comments from our readers, whether directly on the site or through our social media channels.

Colin Hambrook explains the decision to select Dolly Sen as DAO’s Guest Editor:

“We’ve had the benefits of Dolly’s artistic practice for 10 years now and we felt this was a good opportunity to hear more about her artistic peers and influences – to feature artists and highlight debates about the arts that are new to our pages or worthy of greater attention.

“The thing we love about Dolly is that you never quite know what what to expect. Her message as an artist is always sharp, perceptive, to the point and will invariably make you laugh – often when expressing dark and difficult issues.”

“Dolly has a wry take on the world, challenging stereotypes and inciting us to an understanding of Mad perspectives on the society we live in.”

Dolly’s guest editorship began this week with a showcase of the work of artist Daniel Regan and will continue through the coming weeks, going out in the forthcoming newsletters from mid-August till late-September, during which time she will write and commission a series of articles including reviews, interviews, opinion pieces and showcase features.

Dolly Sen says:

“I leave no sanity in my brain overnight. What little I do carry has been held hostage by the Disability Arts Online (DAO) team. In return, I have to guest edit DAO for the next few weeks. I have Stockinghole Syndrome (I can’t afford to go to Stockholm) so have said yes.”

“I hope to bring to the website new names, a review written by a dog, stuff around humour, protest and mental health. Here’s to a summer of sunshine and shenanigans. I may be released sooner if I drive the team up the wall”

Hambrook concludes:

“We look forward to finding out about the artists that Dolly brings to our attention. It’s a terrific chance for us to step back a little from what we do and find new perspectives. We plan to learn from this exercise. We’re sure that you will enjoy the fruits of Dolly’s labours.”

Dolly Sen is a fundamentalist mentalist using art to smack normality until it behaves itself better. You can find out more about her artistic practice on her website.