Drake Music announces exciting commissioning opportunities for deaf/disabled artists


Music, technology and disability charity, Drake Music, has announced a series of brand new commissioning opportunities for Deaf and/or Disabled musicians in partnership with arts organisations from across London. There are four new and exciting commissions open to Disabled musicians, or artists who work with music or sound within their professional context.

Photograph of a man's hands operating a piece of music technology with lots of dials and switches.

Image courtesy of Drake Music

The theme of the commissions is creating or composing a new piece of music inspired by/using Assistive Music Technology.

The charity wants to shine a light on the wealth of fantastic music technology out there which is breaking down the barriers disabled artists face when making music.

Each new commission is in partnership with a leading arts organisation, each with a different focus and style to bring the work of talented disabled musicians to a wide audience.
The commissions programme aims to act as driver and model for a more inclusive arts sector, whilst demonstrating high quality new work by talented artists using new technology.

The first commission to be announced is ‘Compose’ – in partnership with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Compose commission will involve a Deaf / Disabled musician composing a new piece of music for up to five classically trained orchestral players. The music can be composed using accessible music technology and will then be performed using traditional instruments.

Once composed, this new piece of music will then be performed and recorded by members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Foyle Future Firsts Development programme. The final work will be presented at a showcase event alongside the other Drake Music professional commissions in March 2017.

Connect & Collaborate Producer Daryl Beeton commented:

“It’s very exciting to be able to announce the first of our summer series of commission opportunities for Deaf and/or Disabled musicians. These commissions will give artists the opportunity to work with world-renowned organisations, to stretch their artistic capabilities and to get their work heard by new audiences, thanks to funding from City Bridge Trust and Arts Council England. It’s wonderful to see organisations like the London Philharmonic Orchestra taking assistive music technology seriously and supporting inclusive arts practices.”

Three more exciting partnerships and three more commissioning opportunities will be announced in August and September 2016 via the Drake Music website and social media channels.

The commissions are part of the Connect and Collaborate London programme of artistic development for Disabled musicians, supported by Arts Council England and City Bridge Trust.