Podcast ep.10: Disability and…Curation part 2, live with Contested Spaces panelists


Episode 10 of the Disability And…Podcast features excerpts from Disability Arts Online’s Contested Spaces panel debate, which took place at The Foundry, London in January 2020. It was chaired by artist and curator, Aidan Moesby. On the panel was curator and founder of Jennifer Lauren Gallery, Jennifer Gilbert, Senior Curator of Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art, Elinor Morgan and artist Ashokkumar Mistry. It also has some reflections from the audience.

Four people sit behind a table as a panel debate

Jennifer Gilbert, Aidan Moesby, Elinor Morgan and Ashok Mistry participating in the Contested Spaces panel debate.

The panel discuss the importance of criticism, practical advice for disabled artists and curators, ways ‘mainstream’ spaces could work with more disabled artists and the implications of ‘fitting in’ vs. maintaining what makes disabled artists unique.

A transcript of this podcast is available here.

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