Podcast ep. 12 Disability And…Working-Class LGBTQIA+ Perspectives


Sandra Alland talks to Cate Lauder, Shafiq Ghafoor and Mattie Kennedy about Disability and…working-class LGBTQIA+ perspectives on the arts in Scotland.

Four people sitting together round a table, smiling at the camera. Cate Lauder is a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair and glasses, wearing a blue dress and cardigan. Shafiq Ghafoor is a brown non-binary person with short, curly brown hair, a beard and glasses. They wear a red vest and rainbow scarf. Sandra Alland is a white person with short brown hair and black glasses, wearing a long-sleeved black shirt. Mattie Kennedy is a white femme with shoulder-length wavy hair, also wearing a long-sleeved black top. They sit in front of shelves of books and awards.

From left to right: Cate Lauder, Shafiq Ghafoor, Sandra Alland and Mattie Kennedy.

Recorded at National Theatre of Scotland’s Rockvilla studios, Sandra and their guests discuss community, barriers for multiply-marginalised people in the Scottish arts scene, and the arts futures they’re dreaming up.

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The Disability And…Podcast is edited by Ian Rattray for Clear Voice Enterprises, experts in accessible audio.

Sandra Alland is guest editor at DAO from 25th March to 26th April. Check out all San’s commissioned pieces on their Project page. Audio versions of all pieces can be found on San’s dedicated SoundCloud channel.