213 Things About Me, a podcast about thinking, living and dying from an autistic point of view


213 Things About Me is a seven-part podcast series. 213 Things About Me tells the true story of ‘Rose’, who was diagnosed with autism aged 36 and took her own life six months later. 213 Things About Me is told through a list of Rose’s traits, which she made immediately after being diagnosed with Autism. She possessed numerous talents, teaching herself 12 instruments, a bunch of languages, complex mathematics and other extraordinary things. Ultimately she was unable to find a place in the world.

213 Things About Me is written, directed and narrated by award-winning, disabled documentary filmmaker, photographer, artist, published writer and investigative journalist Richard Butchins, who was a close friend of Rose. Richard is also on the autistic spectrum.

Trigger warning213 Things About Me contains issues of a sensitive nature with references to suicide, which may trigger an anxiety response, especially in those who have a history of trauma.

If the podcast causes distress talk to a friend, family member or someone you trust about how you are feeling. There are people who would like to help and will listen to you on confidential phone line services. You can call the following numbers in confidence

Samaritans – call 116 123

Papyrus (for people under 35) – call 0800 068 4141

The Autism Helpline enquiry service provides impartial, confidential information along with advice and support for autistic people and their families and carers.

Autism.org.uk has helpful advice about anxiety in autistic adults.

Transcripts of episodes are available on request, for access reasons only. Please email joe@disabilityarts.online if you would like to request a transcript.

All future episodes will be available on the dedicated page on Disability Arts Online.

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Starring: Rosa Hoskins as the voice of Rose and Patrick Knill as the voice of Wikipedia.
Editing/sound engineering: Patrick Knill.
Commissioned by Disability Arts Online 
Additional funding from Unlimited 

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